Common Indications of Cooling System Trouble

Common Indications of Cooling System Trouble

Right after you turn the key, your engine temperature begins rising. As long as your cooling system is healthy, you'll have the measures in place to moderate the heat. But if any facet of your cooling system is malfunctioning, then your engine could overheat, potentially resulting in serious damage. At K2 Auto Specialties, our local mechanics are experts at fixing cooling system problems. Give us a call if you encounter any of the following signs of cooling system trouble.

Warning Signs of Cooling System Failure

If steam is emerging from under your hood, then you've got a sign that your engine is overheating. Steam is liable to appear when coolant hits its boiling point. In the event that you need to check or add coolant/water, you'll want to be sure that you first park away from traffic and then let your engine cool sufficiently. If your engine is still hot when you open the cap to add coolant, then dangerously hot fluid may shoot up at you.

If your dashboard temperature gauge rises into the red zone, then you'll want to safely get off the road. At that point, you can give the shop a call and describe any symptoms that are present. Then you can get professional guidance on whether your car seems safely operable, or if you should instead play it safe and get a tow.

When an engine overheats, it's often due to cooling system leaks. If your coolant level has gotten worryingly low, then there could be a leak. If coolant is leaking internally, then you may notice white exhaust smoke, which could indicate that you have a blown head gasket. It's smart to also watch out for external coolant leaks. If there's bright green fluid accumulating on the pavement where your car has been parked, then an external coolant leak could be present. But it's worth bearing in mind that your coolant could be another color, such as pink, yellow, or orange.

Cooling System Repair in Worcester, MA

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Posted: August 22, 2021

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